Innovation strategies and technology for experience-based tourism

Yeoryios Stamboulis[a]
Pantoleon Skayannis[b]


Tourism is undergoing significant change and facing new challenges – that call for new perspectives. At least two dimensions of the change can be identified:

  • new forms of tourism, characterized by the tendency to depart from mass tourism;

  • the diffusion of information and communication technologies, with a pervasive effect on the creation, production and

consumption of the tourist product.

The limited success of most attempts to exploit produced windows of opportunity indicates that we are facing a pre-paradigmatic phase of transition.

Innovative attempts gain new strategic value when viewed from a perspective that values experience as an important new attribute.

Such a perspective has significant consequences for the growth of destination strategies, policies, and the integration of the information-society dimension.

R 2003 Published by Elsevier Science Ltd.

Keywords: Experience tourism; Innovation; Strategy; Information and communication technologies


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